Sold out


I can offer you 59B, isk in had for a quick deal, will be back on in about 8 hours if accepted to transfer isk.

I can offer 70b

B/O is 85b, can you meet me in the middle at 77b?

this toon isn’t exactly what I want. you dont have any t2 ship skills to 5 and all over the place with dif races. I hate caldari and missile so I would have to extract and reinject…

cant meet me at 77b for an 83m SP toon? If accepted now - account transferred to you immediately.

also have to remember that there are about 4b isk worth of skillbooks in there

sorry ill have to stay at 70b.

no problem, going to leave this for another 24 hours and if there is no interest then its yours.

Still for sale - bid now stands at 70b, going up in 1b increments.

Character sold to someone else
on B/O - thank you for offer Jazmine

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