[CLOSED]WTS 70mil sp Caldari Titan Pilot


in Jita, positive isk
starting bid from 72B
B/O 85B

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Your ESI for eveboard is broken.

Automatic ESI Updates Failed. 400 error received (Character Transferred or Revoked). Contact the owner to reauth.

okay, let me have a look

should be good now ~


it works fine btw, at least for me now, however people have flagged your post so its been hidden

ill offer 65b isk

all working now ~~~ please start bids

thx but im looking for prices higher than 72b

the war is coming ~~~ this titan pilot will come in handy very soon !


Would you sell for 72b now?

Please read character bazaar rules, only one bump per day is allowed.

no, I would like to keep selling for about a week

ok, thx for reminds

anyone else? the highest is 72b im thinking of getting it sold this week

still for sell

seems like you are the highest, do you still like to have this?

wish you had sold it 4 days ago when i had the isk, good luck o7

65B ready