WTS 124 Mil sp pilot

Want to sell my toon good offers only
Bid: 65B
B/O: when we get there…

No jump clones, no kill rights, 8.26 Caldari navy standings character in Jita 4-4, zero ISK
NPC corp not sure why skillboard showing in a corp you can check in game to confirm.



Ki11-Shot 65B

66B bo

Keep the bids coming.

70B,we can trade right away,
This is my last bid

I have sent you in game mail vva I accept the 70bil offer.

let me check the email,I need time to prepare the isk. Please wait for my transfer

vva i will keep the bids open then if you can sort the isk before any higher bids than 70B it’s your buddy.

OK OK :grinning:

Keep the bids coming.

Isk will be sent in a few hours

71B offer and im willing to go even higher if vva is willing to play

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Sorry dude vva already sent the isk thanks tho character sold

Isk received please send account details in-game so I can transfer toon thx.

Character transfer to your account started and in progress thx vva

Received character ,Thx

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