WTS 4.8m sp VNI pilot


SP at posting (combined) is 4.745.808

  • 261.241 Free SP

  • 4.484.567 SP

  • Alpha vni skills maxed

  • Good drone skills

  • Currently has intelligence/memory remap
    +1 Yearly remap, 2 bonus remap available

+Positive wallet and sec
+Located in perimeter

Had planned to sp farm it, but I opted to test the waters here first

Bids under 3.5b will be refused

3b bid/buyout

I’m sorry but that is less than the cost of the transfer. It would actually cost me money to send you the character at that price.

I will edit the original post to indicate minimum bids.

Oops, forgot to consider that, kinda new to this whole character buying business.
3.8b bid/buyout.

4b bid/buyout

4.2 bil.

Apologies for the late response, it’s been a busy weekend

This is reasonable. I will continue taking bids and sell the character in 24 hours. The trade will be done via plex at that time.


It’s been a busy weekend here as well.

I will accept this bid and close the sale. Please send isk and account name.

Thank you! isk and account information sent. Pleasure doing business.

I have opened the petition to move the character to the specified account. Thanks very much.

E: If you need to contact me further, my character is Cnda Adian


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