WTS Rorq/VNI Pilot 25,8m SP

I’m for sale.

Positive Wallet.
Located in high-sec.
No kill rights.
25,818,306 SP
2 bonus remaps
41,155 unallocated sp


Can use T2 industrial core
Can use panic
Cybernetics V
Can use Excavators (Mining drone spec IV)
Can use Excavators Ice
Can use all T2 combat drones except sentries

Bids starting at 22b
Buyout - 30 Bill Instant Buyout

okay, here is my begin offer : 22b . Hoping there is no one else offer new price :yum:

24B B/O

All right . Here is 25b offer .


Ok I give up this bid.

27 bil )) I decided to buy a second

Hello guys,
thankyou for your Bid´s.

I make this a Real auction now, so the Highest bidder tomorrow at 18:00 Eve Time will get this toon.
I pay the transfer with real money and not with plex. so the transfer will be fast.
UPDATE: Sorry guys, i have discovered a problem with my credit card, it is not usable at this moment, so the transfer will be with plex, or delayed about 24 to 72 hours. you decide if u win.
I will be Online from about 18:00 to about 04:00 eve time to manage transfer.

I also set an Instant Buyout at 30Bill if anyone want to take it instant.


i can send you isk?

hey guys, sorry was a bit late home today.
Shel Silverstone won the auction.

Yes you can send me the isk and charackter name.
Please tell me if you want to wait for transfer until my credit card issue is fixed, or if i should start transfer imediatly with plex.


isk sent Character name - altshel

Charackter transfer initiated, peti: #753025


Thank you

GM told me Char has been transferd. And its gone from my Account.
Please confirm that you recieved it then i can close the Petition.

Fine, i have character on my account. Thank you

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