WTS 22 mil sp Hel pilot with 60k unallocated sp. This will be an auction with bids starting at 20 bil ending on the 28th at 23:59 Eve time. Eveboard is below.

Hey, bidding 20b

Bump, highest bid is currently 20bil.

21b offer with 23 b/o

withdrawn. sorry for inconvenience

So highest bid is still 20bil.

21 bil offer

22b offer

23B offer

23B offer accepted, please send isk and account name and I will initiate the transfer.

Isk sent and transfer account sent via ingame mail.

Character transfer has been initiated. Thank you!

I will confirm once the transfer is complete.

Oh, I thought this was an auction. Well then…

Confirm char received, thanks for the smooth transaction.

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