WTS Low skill Hel/Revel pilot 20m sp[SOLD]


Trash skills just for cheap ganking, negative ss, no killrights.
Clone with mg ascendancy.

15b start
23b bo


If there is wont more bids till 20 ET today your bid accepted.

Again on selling as previous poster dissapear.



I accept your 20b bid and waiting for isk and account info. Transfer will be doing via plexes so it takes a bit more time because of petition.

Sorry i’m going to have to let this one go and gl with your sale


Nice bait posts.

I bid 15b

18B…if you accept I can transfer isk right now

Accepted, waiting for your info

which character you recieve isk?

Standing boost, i guess there is a rule you need to send isk to selling toon. Anyway it doesnt matter for me.

isk transfer and account info send mail

Petition for transfer using plex is created. Hope they do it as soon as possible. I update this topic when i will get answer.

As GM said character should be already transfered to your account, enjoy my ex lovely hel pilot.


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