HEL pilot for sale

(Kent Getoff) #1

want to sell myself

for 20bill

or nearest offer

contact me here or on my main kiloalpha

(Alocose) #2

Price agreed via in game will send isk and account info once everything is confirmed on the bazaar

(Kent Getoff) #3

ingame offer acepted

(Kent Getoff) #4

account info received - will send in about 5 hours

(Alocose) #5

ISK and account info sent

(Alocose) #6

When we talked you said that you would send the character in 5 hours, its been over 8 hours now, when can I expect the transfer to be initiated?

(jita Han) #7

21B Sell´╝č

(Alocose) #9

My apologies I did not check my in game mails as of this morning, I have reviewed conformation from CCP that this toon is currently in transfer I will confirm once the toon is received.

(Alocose) #10

Character received and as described thank you

(system) #11

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