WTS Super Carrier Pilot

Decent base Hel Pilot

30.5 Mil SP-- https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/does-this_make-me_look-fat

Start Price of 24Bil
Buyout Hidden

-2.5 Sec Status
Positive Wallet
No Notable JumpClones
No killrights

Please mail or contact my main Gary Bell in game with any questions or information

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Would take a 26 bil buyout today on this!!

Actually I can’t do this today.

Do EET I need it gone

Ok, I can’t do 26b. I can however meet your minimum as a buyout offer, 24b, B/O. Let me know! ISK is ready, I’ll be at home for the next hour and a half, then will be at work for the next 13h.

Log in and lets talk. If you can come up to 25 I would take that deal?

Ok, I won’t be home for another 9 hours, but I’ll agree to to 25b, if you’re agreeable just respond here and I’ll take care of my end when I get home tonight. Thanks!

Ill take the 25. Send isk to her and a mail with account info and ill send her in the morning when i get on

Sounds good! Where’s she located by the way? Just curious!

lhanid low atm. Ill move it to high before i transfer

Great! Thanks

ISK and account information sent.


28 Nov 2018 17:25

EVE Character transfer

Character recieved! Thanks!

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