Wts 48 m sp Gila Ishar alt

Hey there, I would like to sell my alt character. The pilot can fly Gila Ishtar and many others subcap ships

No kill rights
3 jump clones
Nothing on the wallet
The pilot is in npc corp and located in nul sec
1m unallocated SP

BO. 40 bil

30B instant cash is ready

too low

33B is my highest price

but that not enough for me. lets continue

I will wait for you

34 B offer

BO edited: 40 bil now

37 bil BO

Upping my offer to 35 Bill

ok, @Riperd_Jacks you are lucky winner. Send me your 35 bil and acc name

I would do 35.5 if you are ready now?

if you want to buy it right now give me 37 bil otherwise will be sold to Riperd

ok well i offered to give you an extra 500 mill but I am not going to do an extra 2 bill.

LKet me know if you are happy with 35.5

Okay, sending ISK and account details in a few minutes

ISK and account details sent