81mil All Around Pilot -Carrier Pilot(SOLD)

My Main is now up for sale.
81+ mil sp
No Kill Rights
No assets
Located in Hi-Sec Jita
Character is in npc corp
65bil will take her and I pay transfer.

Not quite what I’m looking for but I’d take it for 50b

Lowest I would consider would be 60b. Thanks for the offer though.

I could do 55b now

Still going to hold out for at least 60 on this character atm. Thanks for the offer though.

Offering 58b

I will take it to save myself the wait. Please send isk and account name.

sending money and account name. Thanks

Isk and account info have been received. Per buyers request transfer will begin in 10 hours.

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Character has begun its transfer. Thank you

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Received. Thanks mate :slight_smile:

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