WTS 82m JF Pilot SOLD

As the title says, 82m SP Jump freighter pilot at spec. 50b ask price and first come, first get. Isk MUST be paid to this char before i begin transfer as per CCP rules.

Maxed out in all different places so best to check the Character Sheet last updated ten minutes before typing this out. Can use Gal and Min guns and Missiles but more spec towards smeldari.

All CCP rules in place. I will pay the fee for transfer, She is in NPC corp and has a 50m isk wallet for whoever takes her. She is currently in Jita sitting in +4 implants, has positive standings and has one more clone in Perimeter. She has 108 permanent skins.

She is currently training and will do up until the 7 day omega time i bought her runs out or the char is sold.

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45B ready

Daily bump.

46B here

still under-cutting everything you see. how lame

50b and over offers will be considered

49bill isk ready

50 and you got a deal

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My 46B still here

I appreciate the offer. Im in no rush currently to sell her so will hang in there a little longer.

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47b offer

Bump. 50b and over offers will be accepted.

only 48b

Give me some time

Im in no rush