Looking to sell drone/logi pilot - 21m SP

Hi - I haven’t used this pilot in awhile and looking to see if anyone is interested in purchasing him. Taking all offers.

Sale according CCP rules, no negatives, wallet green. Positive sec status (5.0). 1 Jump Clone in Jita. Character is located in high sec. No kill rights.

There’s a few things you need to disclose in your post/thread as per Welcome to the Character Bazaar

Thanks - I think I have it all covered now. It has been awhile since I’ve been on here.

Offer 12b.

ill offer 12.5b

sorry, but I’ll get more in just extractor skill points for that amount. Thank you for your bid!

ill bump up to 15b

I will accept this bid if there are no higher offers within the next 24 hours.

bump - bidding soon to come to a close.

OhBoy1, if you are still interested, please send isk and transfer instructions. I will transfer once I see the email. There may be somewhat of a delay today as I have an obligation after work.

isk will be sent tonight when I get home, along with instructions

ISK and in game mail with account to send has been sent.


Transfer initiated this morning.

Transfer is done thanks for a fast and easy sale

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