WTS 32m sp perfect Logi

Hi all!

Selling my logi pilot, seek from sansha invasions (i do him only for that).

Can fly all logists, any race.
Perfect shield skills.
Perfect Targeting

Timed remap available now. Positive wallet and security status, no killrights, character will be moves to NPC corp today. All CCP rules apply.

Bidding will start at 2b.
B/O = 30b

Will start low - 12b.

According to bazaar rules your pilot should confirm here that he is for sale.

Thank you for help, yes my pilot confirm for sell.

19b offer

20b good to go

21 bil


23 bil

23.5 bil

24 bil

24.5 bil

25 bil


Ok, we will give some time to other, if no one give more in 8 hours, pilot yours.

Mila Utrigas - 25.5 bill isk offer is confirmed, the char is yours

Send me the ISK and account

Im online now

I can`t communicate with “Mila Utrigas”, so pilot stay on sell.

He could be a fake bider so I back to my offer before he start biding.

I accept your bid 23b, send isk and account. I`ll be in game for 45 minutes now, and then after work. (after 9 hours )

Ok, need 20 minutes to sort stuff in RL then I Will finish transaction, thanks.

Account details and ISK was send.