30 mil sp,great scanning pilot and logi cruiser 5 perfect precursor pilot

I am for sale.
Isk goes to me.
30 mil sp
Positive wallet
positive sec stat
In NPC corp
located in empire space
All astrometrics at 5,can fly Stratios
Mid grade Virtue set
All precursor ships at 5
All precursor guns at 5,just need to buy the Specialization skills and inject
Logistics cruiser 5
Zarmazd pilot
2 remaps available
Not the perfect pilot but still pretty focussed
SB 17 bil Buyout north of 25 bil

18.5b offer

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Mailed you ingame as well

19bil offer

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19.5 bil in game offer

Daily bump

20bil ready

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Still for sale

daily bump

Make me an offer on a buyout

23b b/o now

@Zarm_Mazzy Contact me via eve mail or ingame / discord we can talk more regarding the price

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We can talk offer is close,are you in NA or Brit/euro? Iā€™m in NA

Sorry - I have got another character.

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20b offer

22 bil and he is yours

21b offer

22 bil