Selling 21mio Pilot make Realistic Offer

He can many things Fly
She is a Logi Pilot Caldari Spec. Logi V
Force Recon Pilot
Eagle Pilot Heavy Assault Cruiser IV
Caldari Frig V Interceptor, Assault Frig, Bomber, E-War, Logi
Amarr Frig V Interceptor, Assault Frig, Bomber, E-war, Logi
Capital industrial Skillbook Injected
Medium Precursor Weapon V, Medium Disintegrator 3

send me Offers and i give you a answer

You can’t list a character for sale that is not in an NPC corp. You are also missing other information that is required to be listed in a character sales thread.

the charakter must be in a npc corp for transfer
what for infos you are need

Wallet is positiv
No killrights
NPC standing Are Positiv

Character is not eligible to be sold at this time, character must be in a NPC corp at the time and for the entire duration of the sales thread being active, please comply with all the rules of the Character Bazaar.

You may recreate your thread once you have dropped out of your player corp.