🌟 Buying pilots - Fast payment!

Buying all pilots! Fast payment.

Post here with your eveskillboard or send me an ingame mail. I will provide you with an offer on your pilot.

Peace and long life!


I also buy and sell pilots. I’ll send you a mail with some pilots.

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Sounds good! Looking forward to it.

Buying all pilots.

Or save yourself some money and extract that ■■■■ yourself.

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Thank you for this public service announcement. When you are ready to discharge yourself of your duties as a free citizens advice advocate, and ready to retire, I will still be buying characters… when the time comes, please drop me a line with your eveboard link.


Buying all pilots!


Buying all pilots.

Check this out:


30 deals completed to date. Looking for more!

have any paladin pilots?

Sent you an in game mail.


Sent you an in game mail…

Sent you an in game mail.

Sorry, no Paladin pilots… at the moment, I am mainly buying.

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Rongo_Rieslavich let me know

Looking for a good home