WTB: About 13m SP Minmatar Super Carrier charactor (Bought)

(King G Master) #1

Require: About 13m SP Minmatar Super Carrier character
can use T2 drones
T2 equipment
Minmatar carrier skill V is better
positive wallet
positive security status
Remap enable
offer: about 13b
available until getting one.

(Amelia Sturges) #2

PM Sent

(Gods Artist) #3

Hey got a nice char youre prolly looking for!
Perfect Carrier / Super pilot

(King G Master) #4

yeh, I want it offer 27b. What is your O/B?

(Gods Artist) #5

i have something in mind, as soon as it gets close i reveal the b/o

(King G Master) #6

I’m going to sleep in an hour. Let me know if you decide.

(Gods Artist) #7

38bil and its urs!

(King G Master) #8

How about 32b?

(Gods Artist) #9

Well i take 37bill you got urself verry nice deal! But dont wanna go lower then this. char being apraised at 40bil!

(King G Master) #10

Sorry, my budget max is 36b lol. Can you decrease a little bit to 36b?

(Gods Artist) #11

well i gotta pay transfer fee m8 i think you can understand that!
37bil, is good deal!

(King G Master) #12

I understand is really good deal. It is a good character. I really want it. My account wallet is only 36b left. So it is my max budget. Sorry for troubling you if we can’t deal.

(Gods Artist) #13

get online in eve, convo ‘‘elite pixels’’! to have quick chat!

(King G Master) #14

No thanks. If we can make deal in 36b is good.

(Amelia Sturges) #15

Might be able to make a deal for a 35b toon. Pop in on game and we can chat

(Gods Artist) #16

sure why not, send me 36b buyout on my thread

(King G Master) #17

So we deal in 36b?

(Gods Artist) #18


(King G Master) #19

Nice! I will send you a confirm mail and the isk will arrive in 13:00 (UTC+08:00).

(Gods Artist) #20

say 36bil buyout, il confirm, you can send the isk to gods artist, and you gotta send me ur details, so i can start the transfer right away!