WTS 61M SP great versatile pilot

(SafiEVE Fumimasa) #1

Really good pilot for everything you want to do in EVE. See details in link.

As you can see it has 60876182SP but it has the rest in unspent points.


Bids starts at 45B

(Gattanera) #2

50 bil

(SafiEVE Fumimasa) #3

noted, daily bump:)

(Gallente Citizen 350063389) #4

55 bil

(SafiEVE Fumimasa) #5


(SafiEVE Fumimasa) #6

we should go with the transfer, as far as I can see the second offer was not from a legit player, at least he does not respond so far:) let me know if you wish to proceed

(Gattanera) #7

Sure, will send ISK in a few minutes, will you be online after DT?

(SafiEVE Fumimasa) #8

I can be yes, will need your help though. After the ISK arrived I just follow the character transfer page instruction and all automated from there?
I never sold any of my character before:)

(Gattanera) #9

OK, logging in now, let’s talk in game

(SafiEVE Fumimasa) #10

I have to do all the asset transfer manually, so it will take time.
If you decided not to buy my character let me know.

(Gattanera) #11

Still interested, let me know when you’re ready

(SafiEVE Fumimasa) #12

working on it, but take a long time, I have many things on many places…

(Gattanera) #13

Cool. Just send me an evemail when you want to make the transfer.

(SafiEVE Fumimasa) #14

almost done, will let you know

(SafiEVE Fumimasa) #15


(SafiEVE Fumimasa) #16

this is closed now, the nuyer changed his mind. Will relist the character.

(system) #17

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