WTS 58mil Pilot


Want to sell this pilot. Drop a message if you’re interested. Looking for around 32b or so. Character is in NPC Corp (skillboard being slow on updating), in Hi-Sec, with a small positive wallet balance.

PW: 123

offer 28 bill

Call it 30 and I’ll start the transfer?

wow, just noticed negative sec status, still in corp and alliance - have you left corp as its not showing on here, have to think twice bout this, will get back to you


Heya, yes as I stated originally he is in an NPC corp. I’ve also just fixed his sec status to 0.1.

lets do 29B isk ready

I will accept 29b. I am at work now. Will not be able to start the transfer for another 4 hours. Let me know your thoughts.

all good, i’ll send u isk and w8 for transfer today ;]

isk and acc info sent ingame

Thanks. I confirm payment and I have started the character transfer. Thanks!

Character Transfer Received

Thank You.

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