Wts 37m sp Caldari combat pilot

Hello guys! I want to sell my character.
He pumped mainly in engineering. Also well studied drones, missiles and shields.
You can learn everything else by yourself here https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Koyot_Orti

Sec. status 2.4.
ISK wallet is positive.
No kill rights.
Have 3 jump clones.
Npc corp.
Located in high sec.

Start with 25b
b.o. 35b
Let’s go!

28B, sent message in game too

in game BO reach, once confirmed ill send isk

Confirming, agreed on 30 bil bo

ISK Sent

Tried to message in game but couldn’t reach you. please confirm receipt of isk. how long till transfer? been a few hours now.

Sorry, I am currently working on that

what’s the status bud? Going on 20 hours now. Not trying to be difficult, but loose-ends should have been tie up before you listed, and certainly before you accepted my ISK…

I’ll be submitting a ticket this evening, please communicate with me.

just a flat out scam , huh. Chalked it up to not caring initially, lame. Petition was filed last night.

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