SOLD WTS 61.7m SP Caldari Pilot T2/T3/Marauder/ some work for capitals positive wallet

61.7m SP Caldari Pilot
Tech 2 Tech 3 Ships
Excelent Mining Skills

Expecting Offers

Please confirm with the pilot that he is for sale

Ye I am for sale

48B, online now

You need to improve te offer

49bik isk

Please state your wallet status, location and other stuff as per CCP rules

Info Updated Bulged

Character located in Hi Sec Isseras

50b isk offer


51bil offer

SOLD Contact me ingame to close the deal Dark Moon

isk and account name sent
Dice rolled
Awaiting Confirmation

No Response or confirmation despite talking with the guy as the isk and information was sent
eveboard for the character seems to be gone
Standing By for more developments

Sorry for the delay in the transfer but i’am having problems with the connection

Did your eveboard get deleted?

all solved for now
we’re gonna talk again once he has things under control again

Issues seems to be solve online again


still interested
if you want to proceed where we left off

Hi I’m online ready to continue with the transaction