SOLD - WTS (25 mil sp) combat pilot, scanning/Loki flyer, combat skills, drones, missiles

Pilot created in 2010.

Located Jita 4-4
Zero balance wallet
Positive sec status
No kill rights.

25,377,709 sp with 486k un-alocated

Recently moved to starter corp.

Training toward marauders and dreads.

Mostly combat skills, frigs, cruisers, drones, gunnery + missiles, also can scan and do wormhole duties.

Please make offer or request more info.

20b valid in 24 hours





Considering all offers through to this evening, approx 8 hours from now. Thank you.

Anyone going over 22bil?

22.5B offer, ISK ready. Will bring him back to the Imperium as well :smiley:


@Sigiru_Kautalo if you match the 23, it’s yours.

Yeah I’ll match!

Logging in rn @Desiccus

Payment received, thanks!

@Sigiru_Kautalo transfer started!

Character received - cheers mate!