WTS 28.7m SP Pilot [SOLD]


  • Positive wallet Balance

  • No kill rights

  • One empty Clone in DZ6-I5 IV, and one in JV1V-O IV

  • The character is located in Jita 4-4

  • 1 Bonus Remap available (Currently mapped Perception, Willpower)

  • Access to Caldari Navy Level 4 missions. (Can fly a Machariel for easy level 4’s)

  • A large range of good PvP skills and ships available. (Assault Frigate, Interceptor, Heavy Interdiction Cruiser,)

  • Good skills for flying a Loki and decent skills for flying a laser Legion.

  • 32 mins to sit in a Proteus just subsystems required around 1 weeks training to fly it properly.

  • Level 5 in all Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, and Battlecruiser. (Spaceship Command skills trained for a total of 16,004,085 skill points.)

  • All small and medium Weapon types Level 5. (Gunnery skills trained for a total of 5,217,445 skill points.)

Will leave this up for a few days.

22b b/o?

As I said will leave it up for a few days and whoever is the highest bidder will get it.
So far that is you.

I’ll trade you me myself and I

Aka I’ll give you my 15 mil SP character that can be extracted down and sold as a super holders and some isk

So once I finish 22.5

Not interested in any Character exchange thank anyway :slight_smile:

you are still top.

23b offer in game

I can offer that (23b) if your IG offer falls through

Cool, I’m gonna leave this up until tomorrow.

talk ok in game
23B and acc send ,wait trans.

Isk and Account name received - Transfer in progress

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