WTS 24.3 Million SP Combat Pilot

I am selling myself, a 24.2 million SP, combat focused Character, some highlights include:

Many Support & Drone skills to V

Small & Medium Hybrid and Projectile Turrets to V

All Base Racial Frigates and Destroyers to V

Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar Cruisers to V

Currently in Jita 4-4, in a NPC Corp

Positive Security Status & Positive Wallet

No Kill RIghts

Good corp history, sat in one corp for entire history

Neural Remap available now, plus one bonus remap, currently specced Perception/Willpower

+4 Implants in all Attributes

255 Ship Skins

ALL CCP Bazaar Rules Apply

Character Sheet: General Spall Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)

This is a good character who has a lot of potential in the right hands, I’m going to set the minimum offer at 13 billion isk, and we’ll go until I see an offer I like. Anything below 13 billion will be considered a free bump and will have my gratitude. Thank you!

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14B Offer, isk ready

15b offer for 12h

18B offer

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20bil b/o

21b offer

22bil final offer 3h

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I like this offer, Rainbow Trade, give me a moment to get online and we’ll get it taken care of.

Im online now, waiting on isk and account name.

23b if the other guy dosent come thru?

Well, he hasnt responded, so ill do 23 billion if you are good to go.

Bump, looks like the last legitimate offer was 18 billion, so lets continue from there.

So let’s get it by 22bil? isk in my hand

i will pay for 2hrs

Ill be on for 30 minutes, send the 22 billion isk and I’ll start the transfer process.

KK ill send now

Isk send

Okay, isk recieved, beginning transfer now!

Transfer initiated, should be complete at 2245 Eve Time this evening, pleasure doing business!