Wts 30 m sp indy/dreadnought pilot

I am for sale, check me https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Den_Lukonin

Sec. status 4
Wallet 0
Jump clones 1
Currently in nul sec, I can bring it to high sec if needed.
I am responsible for transfer fees.

B/o 25 bil

20 bil, isk ready

Will do the 25b.

25 bil b/o confirmed. Feel free to send isk and acc info

let me know when you are online

Sorry. Online now. Sending isk.
Isk and Account Info Sent.

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Just checking status. Please confirm receipt of isk and account info.

Checking in after the holiday weekend.

Edit: No response here or in-game. Refund requested with CCP Support.

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