WTS 88 m SP mining/indy toon

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/GoodHard pls check my skills

Awesome pilot, who can do lots of things and fly lots of ships, including orca, machariel, fenrir, loki, etc.

Pilot is now sitting in Jita, got both sec status and wallet in positive, two jump clones are available, no kill rights, assets are moved to the alt.

I am looking for fair price, so both the buyer and me would be happy. Minimal bid for me is 70 bil, thats extraction value + few bil as I have to spend money for transfering. B/o 75 bil

ill start you off with 70

71 bil


72 bil

73 bil

Edit: confirming 72 bil.

That’s better! Make me a bid of 75 bil and I am fine with it

Ski day, be back in 12 hours. I’ll consider a higher bid when I return ;=)

Okay, meanwhile I make a bump!

Back, and after closer inspection of current market conditions, I must pull back to a bid of 72 bil.

Pitty! The highest bid belongs to Vulgus currently (73 bil). I am leaving now. I come back in about 10 hours, check market and most likely accept Vulgus bid if no one put a better one. @Vulgus_Carovigra let me know if you still ready to pay 73 bil.

73b confirm

I am back, selling account to @Vulgus_Carovigra. Please send me 73 bil isk and info.

Isk and account info sent

How is transfer being done?

Sold or not yet? Probably can offer more.

Petition was made