Wts 40 m sp indy/mining pilot


Pilot is currently developing cap ships skills and planning to fly gallente carrier within one month

Sec.status 5, wallet positive, no kill rights , npc corp, high sec location

Starting bid: 25 bil

25 bil here

26 bil

27 bil

Selling to @algae_lan for 27 bil. Send isk to Djon Snovv. Let me know once it is done, I will initiate transfer process

Ok, I will pay you cash today!

Still got nothing

I can do 27 bil as well

28 bil

I accept your bid 28b. Let me know when you are ready to transfer.

Skillboard revoked… bid retracted.

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Everything works, I updated

Are you ready for a deal?

Bid retracted.


Reinstating a bid of 28 billion ISK.

I accept again 28b

Hi Djon, I have contacted you in game to arrange for the transaction. ISK and account information will be sent upon your reply.

Hi, I don’t see any messages from you in game

You’ve got mail…