Wts 30 m sp indy+mining alt

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/DruzzeR_Main - skills list

Pilot is located in Jita, security status 1.87, no jump clones or kill rights, wallet is in positive, in npc corp.

Industrial Command Ships V
All Planet Management V

DruzzeR flies rorqual and orca.

Bidding opens with 23 bil.

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26bil BO

26.5bil here

27 here

I think I am good with 27 bil, wanna make a deal now?

I’ll do 27.5 right now, isk ready, if they haven’t replied yet

ok, lets do it

messaged you ingame

Isk and Account information sent ingame, sent from my alt, name starting with N ending in C (super sekrit)

please confirm when you have initiated the transfer ticket please.

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