[WTS] 46M Rorq pilot


Unallocated SP 732,539
Date of Birth 2017-06-18
Located @ 1.0 - Cistuvaert
No Kill rights

Mining Drone Spec 5
Cap Indy Ship 5
Cyno 5
Cybernetics 5

30b starting bid.

Daily bump

this is the bump you are looking for

25 bil

@Lodoss thank you. I should have posted a minimum.

30b is starting bid.

30 bil


31b bid

32 bil

here a bump, there a bump, everywhere a bump bump.

will take 34b/o, ready for transfer

33 bil and we do it now?

@Gattanera 33b accepted; send isk and I will initiate transfer.

Thank you!

Cool. Will send in a few minutes

All done

Thank you, isk received and transfer ticket created.

Fly safe!

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