WTS 2x highly focused Rorq pilots 27m SP

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/EVAC_02 pw - 123456
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/EVAC_04 pw - 123456

Both have

  • No kill rights
  • Positive Wallet
  • in Jita 4-4

Mining Drone Specialization Level 5
Industrial Reconfiguration Level 5
Capital Industrial Ships Level: 5

Starting bid: 28b each

Will be quick transfer with real cash

confirm I am in need of a new home

confirm I need a new master to please

with these bot names I can offer you 10bil each

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EVAC 04 28B B/O

64 bil for 2x characters

thanks for offers!
BUMP :slight_smile:

Ill do 28b for evac 02.

BUMP :slight_smile:

if you can go 35b each I will start transfer today

B/O,70b for 2x characters.i will pay isk if you accept.

I accept, can you send 35b to each of the characters please and I will start transfer
With account details

No reply from buyer, first to match price wins

You even can’t wait for a lunch time? The bid is cancelled, I don’t buy them.

isk send and account info send in eve mail box characters

You have sent 32b to each character, Should 35b each. If you still want the characters can you please send another 3b to each. If you dont want I will transfer the isk back.

isk send

Isk received - Transfers have started
Thank you

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