Sold Sold Sold - Rorqual Pilot 28m SP


(neornix vladerie) #1

Selling this pilot.

Near perfect rorqual pilot.
Pass: 181818

  • T2 Mining Boosts
  • Drone Mining Spec V
  • JDC V
  • JDO V
  • Able to mercoxit mine

Positive wallet.
Positive sec status.
Located in Jita 4-4.

Start bidding price: 25b
Buyout: 31b

If anyone bids lower than 25b, I’ll consider it a free and friendly bump.

Will pay for transfer. Please allow 4-5 days(Sometimes longer, depending on how busy CCP is) for the transffer.

(Chopsuey Starclasher) #2

23b offer

(Ocino) #3

25B offer

(neornix vladerie) #4


Take him today for only 29b! Special offer for you guys, just today!

(Sir Skallywag) #5

27B b/o offer.

Can transfer isk today.

Bid good for 24 hours, am bidding on other toons.

(neornix vladerie) #6

27B B/O is too low.

I’d be willing to meet in the middle and say 28B. I’ll get the transfer started tonight then.

(Sir Skallywag) #7

28 b/o agreed.

We can start transfer tonight.

(neornix vladerie) #8

Send isk and account name, and I’ll get the ticket made before heading off for the night. :slight_smile:

(Octagon Minayin) #9

29 bo

(neornix vladerie) #10

Sorry, its sold to @Sir_Skallywag . If he backs out, I’ll sell it to you.
Waiting for ISK to arrive on pilot.

(Sir Skallywag) #11

Glad I read this one last time before I sent you the isk. Do you have the isk yet?

(Sir Skallywag) #12

Isk and info sent

(neornix vladerie) #13

Isk and acc name received.
Ticket filed.
Waiting for CCP now.

Thank you for the transaction :smiley:

(system) #14

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