[WTS] Rorqual Pilot - 12.6M SP - Uniquely Named

This pilot is not perfect but will get you into a Rorqual and mining the second you log into it. Pilot can be moved to whatever system you would like.


Yield is decent and skills are focused solely on flying the Rorqual.

I am taking offers on this pilot currently.

  • Good sec status
  • Positive ISK balance
  • No kill rights
  • No jump clones

I bid 8B

8.5b is my offer

9B offer

My best offer is 1.1B, five days.

10b offer

11B offer

12b offer


13b offer


14B offer


15B offer


17B offer B/O

retracting offer

retracting offer

@aria_Yatolila you win

retracting, you won @oscar_X