WTS 25.4M SP Rorqual pilot

Skill board: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/wq_qs
Rorqual pilot with production and resource processing skills.

Main skills:
Capital industrial Ships: 4
Mining Drone Specialization: 5
Mining Director: 5
Industrial Reconfiguration: 5
Invulnerability Core Operation: 3->4

Basic information:
Base: gallent academy
Wallet balance: positive
Kill rights: none
Jump clones: none
Character location: high sec, 5 jumps to Jita
Implants: none
Remap: 1 yearly remap, 2 bonus remaps

Starting bid at 15B.

15b buy out offer for as long as I do not close the deal on another purchase

I will offer 14b ASAP

15.5 Bil

Daily bump.

16B ofer

18B B/O?


20B o7

23B thanks

private bid, check mail

Sorry, no private bid. My friend want this char. All offer rejected. Please close this thread, thanks.

Closed at the request of the OP.

Thank you and fly safe o/

ISD Bahamut