WTB Rorqual pilot

WTB Rorqual pilot .
Requirements is:
-T2 Industrial core
-Capital inustrial ship level 4 or 5
-Mining drone specialization level 4
-Invulnerability Core Operation level 3 or more
No more than 30m sp

I have this pilot I’m considering to sell:

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Nirali_Bathia (PW: 789)

She started as an Ishtar pilot (hence awesome drones) and now working on Rorqual. Meets all your needs at the moment.

I’ll be online for next 3 hours for convo and will do $20 USD transfer if we make a deal.


I think it’s good. Please quote.

Well, considering…No corp history, 3.3M SP to allocate and 3 remaps…I’d like 38B.

Lets start from 25b. 38b is too high for your SP, including unallocated.

Great toon for sale here: WTS 65M SP Rorqual, Subcap PVP, Recon, Hauler Pilot - Awesome ISK-Printer, Nice Implants, Top Mining Skills

Well,good chars,but I don’t need pvp so.just mining good.

I have nearly ten million skill points in reprocessing alone…

still buying

still buying?

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