WTS 65.1 mil sp Near Perfect Mining Roqr Pilot!

Over 60… 63 and it’s a done deal

Middle price 59 billion do you sell it in real time

I do not understand what you mean by sell it in real time…

No I do not feel like I’m going to jump on 59 but I appreciate the offer.





will offer 60 bill but cant transfer until the 17th of jan

Thank you for your offer I will consider it when that day comes.


I can do 61b right now.

I will think about this offer. I will be at work in the next 12 hours. I will decide whether or not to accept this.

61 bil is getting close to the amount that I’m looking for but it’s not enough to accept for an offer. I think 63 is fair market value at this current point in time.

Well the offer is there until I get another toon. GL.

Why no XML dump available?

I apologize I do not understand what you’re asking.

will offer 63 bill but cant transfer until tomorrowe

I can offer 63.5B in 6 hours.

If approved I will send isk in 6 hours.

65bill in 16 hours
maybe sooner depends when i am home

I will accept your 65 bil offer

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