WTS Miner 27m SP Hulk/Skiff/Orca pilot

WTS My self
Positive wallet
Clear corp. history
2 remaps
make offer

offer 17b

I think it costs at least 20 bil

hopefully u find one who offers u that ammount.
If not my offer stands till i find a toon :slight_smile:

id meet u at 18.5 for a buy out. but think thats the highest i could go

I’ll think about your offer :wink:

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Ok)) 18.5 accept, ready for transfer

will send when iam home

OK :smiley:

sorry man wont be able to get to the computer tonight, will send tommorow !

i il be waiting


Still Sell

bump bump

i offer 15b


thank u! iam currently in the process of biomassing a charackter on that slot. I will send isk and account data tommorow morning! :slight_smile:


Isk and Account info have been send.

Isk and account name recieved .I’ll start transfer the character in a few hours after I get home, thanks.