WTS 6,4m SP Orca mining pilot

Wts myself, skilled to mine with an orca :slight_smile:

Security status +,
positive wallet +,
no killrights,
Located in highsec,


make offers pls :slight_smile:

you have nag sec status can you clean that up or i offer 2.5b also you cant boost to fleet.

Hi i offer buyout 5,5bill plz respond quickly

Willed to pay 6b? :slight_smile:

nope sorry 5,5 is allready very much and the toon has almost no core skills trained it needs many work 5,5 is my max

Is it ok if we transfer via plex and support ticket or is it too much time for u?

what do u mean?

ow ok u mean u use plex for transfer i dont mind aslong u can actually afford the 1100plex… a little w8 i dont mind

aslong as everything goes according ccp rules and guidelines its fine

Yes thats what i mean :D, send isk and i start character transfer. Send Infos ingame pls via mail.

ok is it ok if i send isk in 3hours iam waiting on my transfer from the store and still at work…

Sure :slight_smile:

hey r u still there? can i send isk?

yes im there, yes you can :), dont forget to mail me the details for character transfer

Sorry Dude, character isnt für sale anymore

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