WTB Orca/Porp - pilot or like skilled toon

Looking for a Orca/Porp pilot with good to perfect skills associated with mining.

Shoot me an offer and if I see something for my needs, isk will be avaliable for transfer in a timely manner.

Thank you, fly safe o7, and god bless.

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interested ?

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i have not time to read the messages. Cant answer

14bil i want to buy

Too low. i was thinking in 14.9, around 800m for million SP.

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Maybe 14.5b ? I really want to buy

I agrree that Price. I can deliver in six / seven hours, its ok for you ?

Yes i sent idk ready 1min

Ok. Then :

I agree for sell myself in 14.5b, i am in high sec, not kkilling rights, positive wallet, i am currently in brave, high rens standings for brutor and i transfer in six or seven hours

Send the isk and the account.

Isk and account received.

isk and account information have been sent

received. I Transfer in six or seven hours at stated.

I transfer in five minutes, i am in jita as requested. please answer when receive the pilot

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Offer for WTB retracted. Post kept open for the otehr toon transfer.

OK Please start transferring

transfer begin threee horus ago

ty have a nice day

Sik Nast Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com) 30b

Closed by request of the Op.