WTS 7.8m SP max yield ORCA pilot



Mining drone specialization 5
Industrial Command ships 5
Drone Interfacing 5

Starting Bid: 7b

End: Saturday 23.3.2019 @ 23.59 EVE TIME

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up it goes

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still for sale

bump !

I can offer 5.7 bil if you would take it.

6.5b and we have a deal

Does he have an Orca?

cant transfer characters with assets, against the rules

6b if i can take it now

i thought it didnt matter about the assests. just couldnt include it in the " sale"- like i want extra because i have these assests

uhm in any case…

you can buy orca from market so… dont get your point really

6.5b is lowest i go

up we go

6,5B Here Ready

accepted Bouda Sanchez offer

pls send evemail with account details and isk

Message and ISK Sent, Ty

transfer initiated

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