WTS Orca pilot cheap! need fast sale 4b


Positive wallet

Leadership V
Mining foreman V
Mining director IV
Industry V

Can fly Orca well

Buyout 4b or offer

1.0 b

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and we have a comedian in the house

You can get at most 3.5b, 6b is too much. I am not offering , have my own orca pilots.

I have isk now and ready to go and you asked for fast.

okay, send 4b isk and i will get it started :slight_smile:

if u send 4b and details i will get it started asap

1.0 b was my lower offer. Not interested in this character for 4.0 b. Sorry

Iā€™m at work currently. Will you be online around 0100ish ET?

yeah sure, whats your offer

4.5b ā€¦

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accepted, send isk and details

ISK and account information sent in game email.
please confirm

i have received 4.5b isk . please confirm how many plex i need to redeem again for ccp to do transfer?

i dont think plex will work only real money 20$. to transfer characters. CCP change the rules log time ago.

activated the transfer :slight_smile:

thanks alot

you didnt transfer the character!!!

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