WTS Orca / Alliance Starter (SOLD)

Gina Miner


Skill Points 19,363,380
Unallocated SP 50,000
Wallet: Positive
No Jump Clones
Located in Jita
No Kill rights
Implants: Mining Foreman Mindlink
Yearly Remap 1 : Bonus Remaps 2

Bids Start @ 16bil


Can you please post with each of the characters that are for sale confirming please?

I am for Sale

I am for sale

I am for sale

I am for sale

Done! :smiley:

Ingame mail sent

I can take two hulk pilots, 5b each

Offer Accepted will begin transfer once Isk is sent to each Character with account Info

Are all characters sold? I can pay 17 b for the orca pilot

Did you accept my offer? Just to be clear.

Mail me plz if so.

Seller has accepted my ingame offer for all characters listed, sale in progress.

Characters still for sale.

All characters?

Yes all 4

Are you still planning on buying the toons?

I can do 7 for Du Me. Isk in hand.

Accepted send ISK and account details to character please

in-game message sent