Characters Sold

Hi all,

I’ve decided to sell my two Orca mining pilots.

Both pilots have very similar skills and are trained for max yield drone mining.

They have their attributes already mapped, so can also be skill farm characters as well as miners.

Both pilots have a full set of +5 improved implants installed and Amelia Stayne has some additional hardwirings installed.

Both will be located in Jita and docked in Amarr Shuttles.

Wallets are both positive, zero kill-rights, no JCs, neutral security statuses, etc.

Both pilots also have unallocated skill-points, as per the links below:

Amelia Stayne - EveSkillboard - 8.0 Billion ISK.

Sarah Hoover - EveSkillboard - 8.0 Billion ISK.

Price for buying both characters - 15.0 Billion ISK.

Both characters are in the NPC corporation and are ready for transfer.

All character bazaar rules will be complied with and transfer will be made using card.

Please reply here or send me an eve-mail if interested.

Fly safe! o7

Confirming I’m for sale.


I start off with 10 bil for both

Thank you for the offer, but the minimum I would accept for both of them would be 15.0 billion ISK.

hi i would like to buy your two char that 15 b in two
Amelia stayne
Sarah Hoover

Sounds good, I accept.

I’m on my way home from work, so if you evemail me your account usernames and transfer the ISK (7.5 billion to each character), I will make the transfers as soon as possible this evening?


I send name account and isk

I’m now back home - sorry for the delay.

I’ve received the ISK and account user names.

I just need to finalize a few things on both characters and then I’ll initiate the transfers.

Once the transfers have commenced, you should receive an e-mail to your registered e-mail address and I’ll also confirm on here that the transfers have been processed.

Thanks again!

how long does it take

Both characters have now been transferred.

You should receive both characters in approximately 10 hours (CCP delay).

Please can you confirm receipt of the transfer notifications, etc.


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