WTS - 45.6m SP Fleet Commander, Orca Pilot and Miner

Hi Everyone,

Hereby putting myself up for sale on the Character Bazaar. I was born on 30th December 2013 and have spent an Eve Career as a Fleet Commander, Orca Pilot and Miner. I also have some pretty solid skills across a variety of ships including a swathe of Battleships, Cruisers and so on; so quite useful as a Ratter too with good drone skills too.

Security Status 5.00
Located in HighSec
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights

I have a fitted Mining Foreman Mindlink as an active Implant.

If you are looking to establish yourself as a fleet mining leader in high sec operations then I’d be a really good place to start.

Please start bidding at 30b - I can be purchased outright for 40b, first come, first served.

My EveSkillBoard

Hey o7

30 bil

Thank you for getting the ball rolling

34 bil

Maizie, many thanks. I may be tempted to settle the deal with an offer for 38b

35b b/o

@Ina_Olha - Thank you very much. Your offer is acceptable. Please send Isk and ingame mail me your target account details.

I will be paying cash to trigger the character transfer, so there will be no waiting around for a GM to handle the transfer via a support ticket.

Awaiting your payment and instructions at your convenience.

34bil and im here right now…been over an hour

@Palatine_Keepstar - Thank you for the follow up offer. I will give @Ina_Olha another few hours to acknowledge the offer made. If that is not enacted by 3pm this afternoon Eve Time (circa 5 hours) then I will put the character back up for sale. If you can match the offer made for 35b I will be happy to sell at that price at that time. All of that, of course, assuming that the other party fails to react to my in game chat and the acceptance of the offer here in the forums in that time.

matching the 35bil offer if sale falls through

@Palatine_Keepstar - Thank you, that is acceptable on the basis that @Ina_Olha fails to react by 3pm Eve time.

On the train home. Can send isk and info 3h from now if ok. About 2h more on the move before home. Thats ok?

@Ina_Olha - absolutely, that’s fine. I’m glad I waited for a suitable grace period. Yes, of course. I’ll be on standby for the payment and account details for the transfer. Travel safe.

isk n info sent

@Ina_Olha - Thank you. Confirming receipt of the Isk.
Acknowledging receipt of the account details.

I will immediately initiate the character transfer via the CCP Website (using cash) so you won’t have the delays associated with waiting for a GM to handle the request via Plex/Support Ticket.

Please confirm in this thread that you can see the character transfer is underway to your elected account.

With best of luck, enjoy me, I’m a good toon! o7

Final Post as me; Character Transfer completed. Please acknowledge.


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