(Maverick Crow) #1

Hello, im for sale.

Eveboard : http://eveboard.com/pilot/Maverick_Crow
Password : 1234

Character located in Jita 4-4

Positive wallet. I will pay transfer fee.
Positive Sec status(0.0).
No Kill Rights.
In NPC corp.

2 remaps available

Skills Highlight:

Industrial Command Ships 4
Drones 5
Mining Drone Operation 5
Mining Drone Specialization 4
Drone Interfacing 4, 8 days to lvl 5 (now training)
Leadership 5
Mining Foreman 5
Mining Director 5
Command Burst Specialist 4
Cybernetics 5

Gallente Industrial 4
Spaceship Command 5
CPU Management 5
Power Grid Management 5
Gunnery 5
Small Projectile Turret 5
Small Autocannon Specialization 4

Works great as a Orca miner and can boost a fleet of miners. Still need alot of work ofcourse since he’s only got 8.6m sp, but its a great starter for new miners or old miners who wants to try orca mining.
Around 3 months away from using a Rorqual.

Starting bid : 5b

Buyout : 7.5b

(Seller(I) reserves the right to discontinue auction if wanted price is not met)

(Dwayne Teal'c Capone) #2

6 B b/o right now

(Maverick Crow) #3

Thanks for the bid, but i think 6b is abit low. Still for sale

(Maverick Crow) #4

bump, still for sale

(Maverick Crow) #5

bump, still for sale

(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #6


(Maverick Crow) #7

bid from blackmamba230 Pappotte, 6.1b accepted. Please send isk and info and i’ll start transfer asap.

(Maverick Crow) #8

No word from bidwinner, Still for sale

(Slinqi) #9

ill take it for 6.1b

(flarrceed) #10

6.5 b

(Slinqi) #11

7b b/o

(flarrceed) #12

7.5 bill b/o

(Maverick Crow) #13

flarrceed wins with 7.5b b/o, send isk and info and ill start the transfer, thanks

(flarrceed) #14

isk and acc sent

(Maverick Crow) #15

Thanks, trying to get the transfer done, looks like their web is abit slow today, working on getting it done.

(Maverick Crow) #16

Transfer in progress, thanks alot m8 and enjoy the char :slight_smile:

(flarrceed) #17

thx and gl :slightly_smiling_face: