WTS Orca/Mining Starter Pilot 3.8m SP

Selling this character. A Orca focused miner.


3.8m SP including:
ORE Industrial 4
Spaceship command 5
Navigation 5
Evasive Maneuvering 5
Drones 5
Mining Drone Operation 5
Drone Navigation 4
Drone Avionics 4
Mining Foreman 5
Mining 4
Mining Upgrades 4 (training)

Starting bid 2b
Buy out 3b

Zero wallet.

Located in Perimeter.

No kill rights or implants.


Thanks for the offer, noted. 2.75b and I will sell now.

I can do 2.5b

Agreed, thanks, will send details of the character to send ISK to in game.

isk and Info Sent

Received and transfer initiated.


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