WTB Orca Pilot ( booster )


Mining Director V
Mining Foreman V
Command Burst Specialist V
Shield Command V
Shield Command Specialist IV
Industrial Reconfiguration V
Shipboard Compression Technology V
Cybernetics V
Advanced Mass Production I
Industrial Command Ship V

If its super specialized should be around 11-12M SP. But Im willing to buy an orca pilot up to 25m SP if that’s on the market or a bit less than a perfect Orca pilot if the price is correct.


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Hi, mi main is Other but i have tow or three pilots interesting for you. They are three pilots with diff levels o power.

Chriss Katelo, 23.5m SP, DST, orca and some refining used as a LONe Drone ICE miner , have industrail ships V

Chriss Katelo. Training industrial reconfiguration V, 3 days to

I put the other two in some minutes. Are Mommy hen and Sue rtuda

Removed some duplicate postings, left only the original offer.

I am for sale too.

I am for sale too, less SP than the others.

All are all cappble of some compressing, accounting V and gallente DST, strong miner in orca, but only the fiorst is trained in ice drones. I extract in the past mining director V because have a better booster.

If interested anwer the thread, no checking email. all are in high sec, no killing rights, possirive wallet, i pay the transfer all ccp rules apply

404’d on the skill links sadly im still interested in an orca pilot though!

new links here, the buyer dont show yet.

if mommy hen is up for 8b i will purchase lmk

Yes is up, i can sell for 8b , please enter this link, send the isk and account name and io transfer in half hour aprox. need contract the items she have

hey im interested but again your skill links all 404

it seems like maybe skillq.net does not work? im unsure

probably the have an issue. /500 error here.

Let me create in the orther skill board.

Mommy hen in the other skillboard approved by CPP

Looks good will transfer 8b isk to Sue Rtuda

send if you can to mommy hen

will do give me about 30minutes to move some isk around