CLOSED WTB Booster and Simple Orca / DST - needs inside

I am interested inmake a small mining fleet in high sec, interested in purchase two /three characters.

a ) Booster Capable of Level 2 mining boosters, and points extra for be female, minmatar and around 40-50b. Budget accord.

b ) Simple pilot with nice name for Hauling, DST or freighter included. Occator Obelisk preferred, function is empty orca in belt. Dont want put a Compressor in belt as a loot pinata… Budget 10m skill points, pay accord. More if is trader.

c ) Pilot capable to use a porpoise/orca, plan is use him / her for training in compressor, to ninja compressing without have always deployed. Need be different to B because B will be moving material to trade hub and this will be in mining system always. Pay 7m skill points

I need know offers to purchase plex, to selling it and pay.


  • Nice name
  • minmatar or female
  • No problems with brave

I plan do all the payments the wednesday.

I am a 5.5m points with many books injected, can fly an Orca, currently training jump before respec. Asking 4.3b. Not female, not minmatar but 2007 and Nice short name.

I dont know the process of selling but maybe you are interested in this pilot.

I am a simple in training pilot , no history, i create to play with my brother and he dont play more. I understand i need pay 20 USD for the transfer but i have no desire to bio mass him but no use for him as is

@chintor I sent you a Mail. Basicaly dont bad but need check if othr people offer more.

@Brother_Hauler The 3b i offer you in chat was relatively good price. You have a 3m skill points character but i like the name/look. With that you can recover the 20 USD. Answer here if interested.

Mail Received, wanting for confirmation

Female Minmatar Miner booster Considering Selling - Orca Miner Mining Booster dst and freighter 50m Female

@Chintor i am waiting for YOUR confirmation.

@mina_therrin Your character is great, but maybe too much for my budget. Do u have a price in mind ? my problem is i need purchase a freighter and other things to be useful and i will be stretching my items. Literally the price of the plex is near aan Xbox / diablo IV pack i purchase the last week.

45b ?

how much is the less you accept ?

Will be online, seek me.

As we talk, i accept to buy your character in 47b. Please answer the thread and i sent the isk and the account name. You need leave the corporation too before i sent the isk.

I accept selling myself for 47b as stated. No killing rights i am in Metropolis High sec, no , positive wallet, jump clone with partial genolution. I pay the transfer

Edit: payment and account received. I transfer when i leave the work

Transfer be done in an hour

My Fault. I agree to self myselffor 4.3b , i am in perimeter, positive wallet, no killing rights, I pat the transfer, no jump clones, all ccp rules apply.

Ok isk and account sent to chintor and brother hauler,

Isk received but cant transfer for an error. I try later

I confirm the three characters were received now, then thread closed.

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