CLOSED WTB Female Orca Booster 30m SP aprox

Hi, i need for a new project a Female Mining Booster, desirable :

  • Can use orca miner
  • Can use DST or freighter
  • Nice name. She go to use an ADVERT in a channel and go to be Feleet commander.

I go to have the space in my account ready the friday or saturday at most. If you have the character tomorrow i need wait a day to transfer.

Interested answer the thread, i am not reading the eve mail.

Today bump


I can use Freighter (minmatar) DST (minmatar) i am booster (you need implant), orca miner too.

I am only 23m (300k unallocated).

Interested. I have the space ready tomorrow.

Eve Mail sent.

Offer accepted. Send the Isk and account name and i transfer when you want.

Isk and account sent. The character slot / space will be available TWO hours passing the downtime.

Transfer done one moment ago, please confirm hen you receive the pilot or Eve mail.

Thanks for the business.

Eve mail received, thank you

Pilot received.

What was the sale price ?

23b. Y think she had value of 21, but was nice and meet all my requeriments.

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