SOLD WTS Female Orca Booster DST Jump Freighter / Orca miner

16.3m sp

15 days to rorqual

Mining orca, specialization IV

Booster OCA, with implants and +5

Minmatar DST and Blockade runner

Minmatar Freighter

Jump freighter (NOMAD) with JDC V and JDO V
cyber v with implants

I am selling her because neet free the slot for other toon. Ifs in high sec, positive wallet, no kill rights

If interested answer the thrad. Thinking in 12b as b/o

i’ll give you 10b b/o?

i need free the space quickly, accpt

will transfer now

Isk and account name sent

Trabnsfer done, enjoy.

Please answer the thread when you receive the eve normal mail.

Confirmed - Have received the mail.

Thanks and fly safe

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